Writing with Artists

On August 15-17, Northern Prairie Arts in Watertown hosted a plein air, “Paint the Northern Prairie.” I’ve enjoyed working with artists for a long time because their work inspires me. Not only do I get to see things from another artist’s point of view, but I deepen my understanding of their artistic processes. Last night …

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Writing Groups

A former student emailed me recently to recommend an online writing community. Her goal? To get critique on her work. She’d heard horror stories about online writing groups where people stole participants’ work, and she hoped I had some good advice about finding a reputable online writing group. I hadn’t heard about that sort of …

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Re-Seeing: The Role of Revision in the Writing Process

“Writing Process” refers to a method or way of approaching the practice of writing; it’s a series of recursive activities that begins with generative writing and ends with a polished text. I use “writing “ and “text” generally because I use this process for all kinds of writing that I compose, including poetry, memoirs, essays, …

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