South Dakota In Poems

"In my selection and arrangement of this anthology’s poems, I have composed a capacious conversation among South Dakota and South Dakota-affiliated poets that speaks to our complex stories and experiences. Personal, political, historical, contemporary: this conversation in verse reflects the diverse lives of people who live here or have strong residential ties to the state. Bruce Roseland, long-time president of the South Dakota State Poetry Society, once told me he wanted to see poets “write South Dakota,” and I offer this conversation as one of many that could be fashioned from the rich work happening here in the last decade."

Christine Stewart-Nuñez

Editor of South Dakota in Poems

Grand View at Tabor

Michael Welsh

Live and Let Live

Brenda Johnson


Thomas E Simmons

Volunteer Corn Looks Lost in the Field

Rosemary Dunn Moeller

Hometown Portrait

Theresa Zimmerman

Neighbors, 1927

Betty L. Beer

Embroidered Mimesis

Norma Wilson

Misty Memories

Mark A. Peacock

Cloaked on the Range

Derick Schultz

A Rural Ride

Jane Heitman Healy

Dust Cloud in Hand County

Christopher Vondracek

Black Hills & Water

Christine Stewart-Nuñez

Badlands & Wind

Christine Stewart-Nuñez


Darla Biel

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