Mini Grant Program


  • SDSPS will budget up to $1,000 annually for distribution as SDSPS Mini Grants for projects that help SDSPS further its mission.
  • Up to four SDSPS Mini Grants of up to $250 each in matching funds may be distributed annually.


  • An SDSPS Mini Grant Committee shall be formed of three SDSPS Board Members, and shall be reviewed annually at the June meeting by the SDSPS Board.
  • Any active SDSPS member may submit a proposal to the SDSPS Mini Grant Program for up to $250 in matching funds to promote poets or poetry in South Dakota.
  • The procedure for applying for SDSPS Mini Grants shall be as follows:
  • The SDSPS Mini Grant Committee shall put out a call for proposals in time to be printed for the Fall issue of Pasque Petals. The committee may also use other media avenues for publicizing the call for proposals.
  • Any current SDSPS member, including South Dakota Poet Laureates, may submit a proposal to the SDSPS Mini Grant Committee.
  • Proposals shall include the following:

*A cover letter summarizing the request and indicating how the proposed project helps SDSPS fulfill its mission.

*A Project Narrative that includes the following sections:

  1. Overview: Describe the project in 2-3 sentences.
  2. Needs Statement: What need does this project meet? Who will it serve?
  3. Project Description: Describe the project in more detail, including a timeline and personnel (including volunteers) who will carry it out. Include start and final dates for the project.
  4. Assessment: How will you measure the success of your project? How will it help SDSPS fulfill its mission?
  5. Project Budget: Include a budget that indicates how requested funds will be spent as well as where matching funds will be secured. Requested funds may be up to $250 in matched dollars.

4) SDSPS shall be recognized as a sponsor at all activities of the projects that receive an SDSPS Mini Grant. Specifically, information about joining SDSPS and/or submitting work to Pasque Petals shall be made available to all people associated with or attending the project.

5) A Final Report of awarded projects shall be submitted no more than 30 days following the final date of the project, and shall include the following:

*An overview of the completed project.

*An evaluation of the completed project using the     measures that were proposed in the original proposal

*A financial statement indicating how the funds were spent.

*Receipts corresponding with the income and expenses on the financial statement.

*Copies of any program or print advertising for the project, and/or links to any online materials to show that SDSPS was recognized as a supporter and that participants received information about how to join SDSPS and submit to Pasque Petals and SDSPS contests.

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