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Pasque Press’s First Call for Poetry Manuscripts

The South Dakota State Poetry Society is pleased to announce Pasque Press’s first call for manuscripts.

Pasque Press, under the board of direction of SDSPS, will be publishing a series of full-length, single-authored poetry collections starting in 2021.

To submit a manuscript, a poet must be

  • A current member of SDSPS; AND
  • A current resident of South Dakota writing about any topic/theme; OR
  • a South Dakota affiliated poet no longer living in the state but writing about South Dakota.

Selection Criteria:

  • Excellence: Quality of craft with be determined by the editor, Christine Stewart-Nuñez, and blind peer review: two people with at least one book published by a press with a national reputation.
  • Commitment to Book Promotion: Upon manuscript submission, poet must outline commitment to marketing and promoting their book. This is important because publication of the “next book in the queue” will depend, in part, on profits of earlier books. The time between book publications will depend upon the success of the previous book and results of any fundraising done by SDSPS.

Submissions will be accepted via Submittable during the month of June 2021. There will be no fee to submit your manuscript, but strict submission guidelines must be met.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  • 48-80 pages of poetry.
  • Individual poems may have been previously published in anthologies, chapbooks, print journals, online journals, etc., but cannot have appeared in any full-length collection, including self-published collections.
  • Translations are NOT accepted.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Spellcheck your manuscript carefully.
  • Use one space after a period, not two.
  • Paginate your manuscript.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font, with one-inch margins on all four sides.
  • Do NOT include photographs and drawings.
  • Submit your manuscript in this order:
    • Full title page—with your name
    • Contents page(s)
    • Manuscript
    • Acknowledgments Page
    • About the Author—one paragraph professional bio.

In your cover letter, please affirm that you are a member of SDSPS and a South Dakota resident OR you are a member of SDSPS and a South Dakota affiliated poet writing about South Dakota. If the latter, please describe your connection to the state and the ways you’re writing about South Dakota.

In addition, describe your commitment for promoting your book if it is selected. This could include plans for readings, book-signings, listing your book on your website and social media, etc. It could also include a description of your professional networks and how many books you anticipate buying (at a discounted author’s price) to sell on your own. If you’d like some advice and ideas, I highly recommend PR for Poets by Jeannine Hall Gailey). SDSPS will list your book on our website, include it in our proceedings at the South Dakota Festival of Books, and advertise it to the membership of the South Dakota State Poetry Society.


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