Deadlines: 8/1 to 12/1.

Poets may enter in two categories: Portrait or Landscape.

Portrait Category: Poems about you or someone you know from South Dakota.

Landscape Category: Poems about the land and features that make South Dakota unique.

Each poet may submit a total of five (5) poems in his or her submission. There is a fee of $10.00 per submission for non-SDSPS members and $5.00 per submission for members. There is no restriction on length or style of poem. We only accept electronic entries at

Please indicate on each poem which category you intend to enter it into. The contest manager has spent considerable time in the past trying to determine which poem was intended for which category. So, at the title line on each poem, please write Title (Portrait) or Title (Landscape). If your entire submission is intended for the landscape category, please write that on the submission itself like Landscape Poems.

Also, upload a document format not a pdf, and do not write your name on the poem(s). Please include a brief third-person bio and your physical mailing address when you submit (where we will send the check). Submissions that fail to follow the instructions will not be considered.

There will be honorees of $100, $75, and $50 for the top places in each of the two tracts of the annual contest, and winning poems will be published in the spring issue of Pasque Petals.  Honorable Mention candidates are possible and all submitted poems will be considered for publication in the physical Pasque Petals and on our website. Judging is done by members of the SDSPS board selected by the Contest Manager.


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