Announcing 2013 Poetry Contest Winners

Grand prize-cat.1
1st pl.-S.Amelia Snelling (at 82)
2nd pl.-Marsha Mittman (the Missing)
3rd pl.-Heather Aker (Making Thunder)
HM.-Merry Lynn Fuerst (I laughed until I cried)

SD. Woman who made a difference-cat.2
1st pl.-Daniel G. Snethen (One-Armed Hypocrisy)
2nd pl.-Barbara Duffey (Zitkala Sa)
3rd. pl.-Merry Lynn Fuerst (The Little Lady Sheep Herder)

1st pl.-Linda Shere (For Ita)
2nd pl.-Barbra Blanks (Catalyst)
3rd. pl.-Jerri Hardesty (Dog’s Eye View)

Twenty 1st Century Farming –cat.4
1st pl.-Rosemary Dunn Moeller (Numbering)
2nd pl.-Bruce Roseland (South Dakota Rural Conversation)
3rd pl.-Jerri Hardesty (Feathers and Fluff)

Social Media-cat.5
1st pl.-D. Beecher Smith, II (A bit too cheeky)
2nd pl.-Becky Alexander (Finding Hubert)
3rd pl.-Barbara Blanks (Socially Immaterial)

The Mighty Mo -cat.6
1st pl.-Bruce Roseland (SD Nice)
2nd pl.-Rosemary Dunn Moeller (On adding Harvey Dunn’s painting, “Homesite”)
3rd pl.-Mark Peacock (Beware the Mighty Mo)

Dark Poetry- cat.7
1st pl.-Marsha Mittman (shengnv and proud) Alexander (reflections)
3rd pl.-Jean Marie Purcell (a Triolet)
HM.- S. Amelia Snelling, HM.-Mark Peacock,
HM.-D. Beecher Smith, II, HM.-Kathleen Lane, and HM.- Nan Steinley

Zip code poem-cat.8
1st pl.-Rosemary Dunn Moeller (In Thanks (57373)
2nd pl.-Sandra Barany (57783) Blanks (Water Lilies 75044)

On writing poetry-cat.9
1st pl.-Mark Peacock (on writing poetry)
2nd pl.-D. Beecher Smith, II (To poets and writers on writing)
3rdpl.-Barret Gapp (writing poetry)
HM-Rosemary Dunn Moeller (Woven words)
HM-Kathleen Lane (A Pizza Party of Poets)

SD. Landscape-cat.10
1st pl.-Marilyn Kratz (What you see when you look back)
2nd pl.-Mark Peacock (Black Hills Underworld)
3rd pl.-Kathleen Lane (Deadwood, South Dakota)

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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