Vintage Poems- Unknown Worlds

Young poets who have the courage to send their words out into the world always impress me. The first line hooked me. Enjoy!

Unknown Worlds
By Winter Driving Hawk, Age 14, Pierre, South Dakota

Teenage angst is not something I feel
Look through the smoke and mirrors
And through me you’ll find my pain real
Sanity has left me
Love has never known me
And my world of the fallen and lost shrouds me
Your never flourishing love is the key to open my heart
And the key to unlock a new world
With places unknown.
The sadness inside me cuts deeper & deeper into these bones
I am cracking at the seams
Hoping you, my silver prince, will save me
Hold me in your arms with nothing but the love
And the want to wash away the pain
That my past black knight has bestowed upon me
Waiting for you to hold me in your arms and wash it all away
Because you hear your calling
Tell me you’ll stay
I’ll never let you go
I won’t let you float away into this dark abyss called life.
You are my sky and all you have to do is let me be your start.
With our lost (yet newly discovered) love we could travel far.
I see you and it feels like my heart’s going to explode with
He lied to me, threw me away, and broke my heart …
Will you heal me, hug me, and love me back together?
Will you do what he hadn’t done?
Because if you let yourself love me
Like I love you …
Our love will travel far
Into unknown worlds.

Originally published in Pasque Petals 85.2, Spring 2011

Featured image by Jessica Paterson under the creative commons license on Flickr.

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