The Louine Schaufler Youth Contest: MS Winning Poems

Congratulations to the winners of the MS portion of the Louine Schaufler Youth Poetry Contest! Thank you to everyone who submitted to the contest. Thank you to our judge Holly Moseley. Enjoy the poems 🙂

First Place 

"Burning Feelings"
By Samuel Caugherty

Rising flame
Billowing smoke
Ancestral beauty collapses

Alarms sound,
people rush
to save
what is left

it is far too late
the smoke has left its scar
the scent makes
eyes sting
tears well
and they slowly roll down the cheek

can’t help but remember
what was
and what will never be again

Beautiful hills,
Unforgettable sites
become forgotten
and lost

all thats left is the ground beneath the ashes

How could life ever come back here?
Second Place

"Ode to Trap Shooting"
By Brooke Ver Hey

Oh, the gun I grip so tight,
I hold it up with all my might, 
With a loud "PULL" the target is off, 
Oh, I sure hope I don't miss my shot, 
The bright orange targets that glide in flight, 
They sure do soar and take great height, 
With a big bang and no time to spare, 
The target that was flying shattered mid air, 
As I unload my gun with a smile on my face, 
With hope that I keep that same steady pace, 
When I think I'm done-
The day is still young, 
So I continue to destroy targets all day long. 
Third Place 

By Seija Saunders

The simple act of floating, 
Floating, flowing by. 
When ice floats it seems to be footnoting
The simple act of floating
By those quoting 
This guy. 
The simple act of floating, 
Floating, flowing, bye. 

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