South Dakota State Poetry Society Records

By Jodi Andrews

This last week there was a celebration of the South Dakota State Poetry Society Records at Briggs Library at SDSU in Brookings, SD. A couple dozen people gathered to celebrate all the past issues of Pasque Petals archived to Briggs Library. We heard Bruce Roseland, Ruby Wilson, and Christine Stewart-Nuñez read their poems and provide some background about the Poetry Society. Thank you to Briggs library archivists and the students who spent months digitizing the Pasque Petals record. They copied over 17,000 pages! They are also working to transcribe the record so that we can search through it via search terms. The issues go back to 1926. To check out this incredible feat and this lasting record, here’s the webpage:

It’d be a great writing prompt to browse this collection and look for keywords or themes and to just let the writing inspire your next poem 🙂

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