SD Poetry Walk in Brookings, SD

For the very first time, the State of South Dakota will have a permanent Poetry Walk.  The Poetry Walk is located on Main Street in Brookings, SD.  It features poems by South Dakota’s seven Poet Laureates:   Badger Clark, South Dakota’s first Poet Laureate, followed by Adeline Jenny, Mable Frederick, Audrae Visser, David Allan Evans, Lee Ann Roripaugh and Christine Stewart- Nuñez.  Plaques with their poems, dates of service, and a line drawing of their images have been installed in various bump-outs along Main Street: at the Post Office, Nick’s Hamburgers, Ray’s Corner, Ram Pub, Lash Spa, Skinners, and Kool Beans. 

The first Poetry Walk will be at 3:00-4:00, Friday, September 23, 2022, during the Festival of the Book.  Start at the Brookings Post Office bump-out to hear Bruce Roseland read a Badger Clark poem, a little later, hear David Allan Evans read his poem, and end at Kool Beans to hear Christine Stewart-Nunez read her poem.  Along the way at each of the seven installations, you will hear information about the featured Poet Laureate.   You will hear their poems read, one at each of seven stops on Main Street.

The South Dakota State Poetry Society, organized in 1927, is the oldest continuous poetry society in the United States. 

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