To encourage poem-making and
poem-reading in South Dakota.

  • South Dakota
SDSPS was organized in 1927 and incorporated as a South Dakota non-profit on August 8, 1970.

Our Mission

To encourage and foster the writing and publication of poetry by South Dakota writers and to promote excellence therein; to arouse in students of high school and college age, interest in the creative writing of poetry; to foster or publish Pasque Petals, a magazine, on a regular basis, thereby continuing the publication which was begun before the Society was organized, which publication is devoted chiefly to poetry, to stimulate by such proper means as the sponsoring of contests, awarding of prizes, and by other means of encouragement, the writing of poetry; and by these means to aid in the cultural growth of South Dakota.

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Celebrate: We Want to Know

By Bruce Roseland | July 9, 2018

Celebrate: We want to know Sing to me of South Dakota, tell it like Carl Sandburg did about Chicago’s big shoulders. Tell me about the workers of infinite variety within this state. How goes their day? Tell me the what, tell me the why, tell me about a day in your life. Did Spring creep …

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Poetry: A Liberated Art Form

By Lawrence Diggs | July 2, 2018

I find poetry to be the most liberated literary art form in the English language. Poetry is the art form that the writer has license to bend and break grammatical and spelling rules. Poetry is the anvil where ideas can be forged and molded with the least contamination of conventions. With freedom comes responsibility. Without …

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History of SDSPS

By Norma Wilson | June 25, 2018

The first organizational meeting of the South Dakota State Poetry Society was held on October 5, 1927 in Huron, SD. The Society was founded in 1927 by Dr. James C. Lindberg at Northern State College. Its official magazine Pasque Petals was first published in 1926 in Aberdeen, SD. Since 1959 has been the body to …

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Swim in the Sea of Life

By Lawrence Diggs | June 18, 2018

Poetry can be a great conduit for ideas and feelings. It takes practice and work to develop the technique of writing poetry. But if a person doesn’t have anything to say then it doesn’t matter how good their technique is, their poetry is likely to sound trite and hollow. It can be entertaining to do …

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Strategies for Building Your Poetry Practice

By Christine | June 11, 2018

For me, writing is a practice. It’s something I do nearly every day, and I incorporate a variety of methods to expand and deepen my skills. Before I approached poetry as a practice, I only wrote when visited by “the muse.” Once inspired, I’d write and write and write until the energy petered out. Then …

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Poet’s Table

By Bruce Roseland | May 29, 2018

The table used for writing at the site “ Poets ’Table” in the Black Hills was today (May 27) sawed in half and carried off by two individuals. As of this writing, they have been apprehended by the Custer County law enforcement. I really don’t know their motivation for doing such a deed. Nor do …

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