Call for Archives

Call for Archival Materials!

Greetings, poetry supporters of South Dakota.


As you may or may not know, the South Dakota State Poetry Society is in the process of securing archives to preserve our long, proud history of serving poetry in our great state. We are looking for any materials that you may have lying around in an attic, a horse trailer, or a basement that relates to South Dakota poetry in one way or another. Happen to have a poetry book published by a South Dakota poet? An old Pasque Petals? We would love to archive it. While we would love to store the hard copies of whatever relics you may have in our archives, we are also able to borrow materials, digitize them, and get them back to their rightful owners. Our President, Bruce Roseland, is willing to drive anywhere in the state to personally retrieve anything you may have to offer for our archives. Please, help us preserve our history for future generations to enjoy. As the oldest poetry society in the country, we strive to maintain and preserve all of our history, not just things from recent years.


If you are willing to contribute, please contact SDSPS President, Bruce Roseland at (605) 436-6770.


You could also send items directly to the site of our archives, the Hilton M. Briggs Library at SDSU:

1300 N Campus Dr, Brookings, SD 57007

(605) 688-5107


We look forward to seeing what you can dig up.

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